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Welcome to http://pyxsqmll.sourceforge.net/

Python SQL 2000 Database Access, by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

This project has an identical API to Andy Dustman's MySQL 0.3.0 Python Database Module, except that it accesses Microsoft SQL 2000 Servers instead of MySQL. The database must be published via IIS (instructions available with your SQL 2000 documentation).

The pyxsqmsll2000.py file can be run as a stand-alone program. It accepts SQL commands on standard input (NOTE: no prompt is presented!) separated by semi-colons. For information on what SQL commands are accepted, you will have to check your MS SQL 2000 documentation: pyxsqmsll2000.py just passes them through as-is (except that for SELECT statements it appends "FOR XML AUTO" to the end, in order to get XML data back). INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT are all confirmed as working as expected.

P.S. The near-unpronounceable name is a combination of python, SQL and XML. Open Source has no Marketing Dept. and isn't about to get one in a hurry. Please try not to hold your breath.

Download Pyxsqmll from the Project Page

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